over 2 decades of game art development.

I am a veteran game artist with a background in 3D art, pipeline solutions and visual effects.  I have a decade of waterfall development experience and another decade of agile practice. I am a problem solver and a team facilitator, focused on process and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

I entered game development in 1995 as a 3D environment artist, building levels for a Zelda inspired platformer on PS1. I later moved onto racing games including a couple of Need For Speed titles on PS2 for which I hired and led a remote art team in San Francisco building complete environments for EA / Blackbox in Vancouver.  In 2005 I took residence with Planet Moon Studios building environments and visual effects for PSP, Wii and Xbox games, contributing to pipeline development as a technical and conceptual problem solver for the art team. In 2011 I moved into mobile game development with Storm8 where I led art teams on 10 free-to-play games of various genres from conception to launch, and oversaw transitioning of production pipelines to outsourced contractors.

Recently I have been working as a visual effects artist, creating particles, shaders, animations and state machines in Unity.





professional references available upon request